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Rose’s Article now on AVWEB

With winter around the corner pilots will want to brush up on their weather RADAR reading skills.  My article on the subject is available now on AVWEB, the world’s premier independent aviation news resource.    Click Here to connect and read!

Flight Schools to Receive Air to Ground

Rose Marie is taking requests for donations of her award winning book, Air to Ground, from Flight Schools around the USA.  If you would like to bring this valuable information about the FAA, Air Traffic Control, and pilot pre-flight weather to a flight school in your area, send a request to


Fly-Low Magazine book review gives “Stress is Relative” high praise!

It has been my pleasure to write for Fly-Low magazine for the past ten years and this month (July Issue) the editor of Fly-Low magazine did me the honor of reviewing my latest book.   The editor/publisher of Fly-Low, Ralph McCormick is a pilot who knows what other pilots want to hear about.  Fly-Low focuses on the needs of general aviation pilots covering topics from air races and events to mechanical and legal issues.

In his review he noted the details and miniscule workings of ATC pilots never see.  Since the book begins during the rebuilding of the ATC workforce after President Reagan fired most of the nation’s controllers, he felt it would make a great movie.  I remember feeling the same way while going through the Air Traffic Control academy.  Just walking through a parking lot where cars sported license plates from every state in the nation made me realize how big the world I was about to enter really was.

Fly-Low is available in the FBO’s at many airports across the country.  You can read the past issues online, or score your own subscription on their website.  Here is a link to the Stress is Relative Book Review


Stress is Relative

 A Memoir by Rose Marie Kern

Greetings all!

August 1st, 1983 was the day I entered the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City to embark on a totally new and exciting career path.  The parking lot full of cars with license plates from every state in the nation was adjacent to the Will Rogers airfield.  From that day on the sound of all kinds of aircraft wove accompaniment to the music of my life.

So what was it like to walk the corridors of Air Traffic Control in the years after the strike?  As a young divorced mother I needed to have a good, solid career in order to raise my daughters in a safe and comfortable environment.  I learned to stand my ground when others tried to trip me up and over time I became one of the best at my job.

Ever since I began this line of work people who meet me  say “Ohhh, that is such a stressful job!”

Is it?

Walk through my memories of the last 34 years and decide for yourself.

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I had a blast at the 29th Annual Women in Aviation International conference last week in Reno! It was a blast and for any woman who works in aviation it was a real treat to see over 3,000 airline pilots, military pilots, engineers, mechanics, controllers, and private pilots all come together to celebrate aviation.

Of course, some of the topics were unique.  This was the first time I’d seen a presentation on Flying While Pregnant, and ….(Read more here)



Want WINGs Credit?  Come to Rose’s Presentations!

Rose Marie is now officially an FAA Safety Team (FAAst) representative. Most of the presentations about weather and air traffic control she gives are eligible for WINGs Credits.  Check out her PRESENTATIONS tab for more details.


Air to Ground

a2g-book-cover-v7A Guide to the World of Air Traffic Control

Winner!  2018 New Mexico Press Women’s Communications Awards

 The FAA for the most part is a faceless entity dictating orders which pilots must follow to keep our nation’s skies safe. For over eleven years Rose has written monthly articles for many national and regional pilot magazines which provide easy understanding as to how the Air Traffic system works, and gives insights into the people and facilities pilots talk to every day.

Rose’s  book, Air to Ground compiles the information from those articles useful to both student pilots and aviators who have long enjoyed soaring along highways in the sky. She shares both practical and humorous insights as well as glimpses into the bigger picture of Air Traffic Control.

For more information click Here.