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Air to Ground now available as E-Book

If you’ve been thinking you’d like to access all the information Rose Marie has gathered, but really didn’t want a physical book – you’re in luck!  Air to Ground is now available at as a Kindle e-book.  The cost of the e-book through their website is $5.99.  When you do a title search you must include Kindle (Air to Ground kindle) or only the print version will come up on the website.

Instructor pilots across the nation have sent emails telling me that Air to Ground is a great primer for students and contains a lot of “I didn’t know that” type information for even the most experienced flyer.   It gives you the kind of information you can’t get out of the FAA documents people have access to, and tells you the reasons behind the FAA’s rules and regulations.

Try it today – and let me know what you think!   Click HERE

Air to Ground a Finalist in New Mexico Book Awards Competition!

This afternoon the list of finalists was released in the annual Book Awards competition sponsored by the New Mexico/Arizona Book Coop.  Over 1,100 entries were received for 2017 and Air to Ground was placed in the Non-Fiction category.   Where it will place on the competition roster will be announced at the NM Book Awards banquet on November 17th at Tanoan Country Club in Albuquerque.



Hello Rose Marie,
I finished reading your book today. It was straight-forward, easy reading, and I enjoyed it. There is a wealth of information in it, and I learned things that are not published anywhere else, in any FAA textbooks, etc.
You really did a good job of tying Flight Service with other branches of ATC. You must have had a fascinating career.
I think this book would be very good for student pilots. If I get back into aviation and have students again, I will recommend your book for them. I last flew in 2003. So much has changed since then!
I thought I was the only one who used old sectionals for wrapping paper, and who loved the FAA!
David Pfeiffer

Rose Marie’s Oshkosh Experience!

Hey everybody!   I had a great time at AirVenture this year.  I gave a presentation on the History of Air Traffic Control and did 5 book signings during the event.   If you click on the OSHKOSH title under recent posts you’ll see my blog about what went on this week – a complete blow by blow of the personal experiences of a senior citizen/ex-ATC Specialist/woman galloping through a week of insanity.

Want WINGs Credit?  Come to Rose’s Presentations!

Rose Marie is now officially an FAA Safety Team (FAAst) representative. Most of the presentations about weather and air traffic control she gives are eligible for WINGs Credits.  Check out her PRESENTATIONS tab for more details.

Now Available at many bookstores and online!

Air to Ground

a2g-book-cover-v7A Guide to the World of Air Traffic Control

 The FAA for the most part is a faceless entity dictating orders which pilots must follow to keep our nation’s skies safe. For over eleven years Rose has written monthly articles for many national and regional pilot magazines which provide easy understanding as to how the Air Traffic system works, and gives insights into the people and facilities pilots talk to every day.

Rose’s new book, Air to Ground compiles the information from those articles useful to both student pilots and aviators who have long enjoyed soaring along highways in the sky. She shares both practical and humorous insights as well as glimpses into the bigger picture of Air Traffic Control.

For more information click Here.