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Book Titles – Words to the Wise

Story Titles – long, short or unique?

Have you ever tried to find a book by its title only to discover that there are over a hundred books with the exact same title?   This happened to me again recently and luckily, I did know the author’s name,

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Rose Marie Elected President of SouthWest Writers


Before I ever started articles and books about aviation, I sought out an organization who could offer advice and information on what it takes to be a successful author. I found SouthWest Writers (SWW)  located in my home town of Albuquerque, New Mexico.   SWW is a non-profit group comprised of over 350 authors,

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WAI Opens Chapter in Albuquerque!

A new local chapter of WAI, appropriately named “The Land of Enchantment Chapter” , has landed in New Mexico!  Long awaited, the chapter has already set up a website and hosted a couple online meetings.

The Women in Aviation International (WAI) Land of Enchantment Chapter is dedicated to the encouragement and advancement of girls and women in all aviation and aerospace career fields and interests across the state of New Mexico.  

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Aviation Series at Univ. of New Mexico

Rose Marie will be presenting a series of presentations for the University of New Mexico’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute during the summer of 2020.  The first three focus on the past through the future of Air Traffic Control and the National Airspace System.


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Air to Ground 2020

Three years ago the first version of this book introduced pilots to the world of Air Traffic Control as it is seen from behind the microphones and radar scopes.   In that short period of time things have changed dramatically.

Air Traffic Controllers are still distant authoritative disembodied voices whose main purpose in life is to keep pilots from killing themselves and others by telling them where to go,

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“Stress” Book Reviewed by Fly-Low

Fly-Low Magazine book review gives “Stress is Relative” high praise.

It has been my pleasure to write for Fly-Low magazine for the past ten years and this month (July Issue) the editor of Fly-Low magazine did me the honor of reviewing my latest book.   The editor/publisher of Fly-Low,

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Women in Aviation International Conference


I had a blast at the 29th Annual Women in Aviation International conference last week in Reno! It was a blast and for any woman who works in aviation it was a real treat to see over 3,000 airline pilots, military pilots, engineers, mechanics, controllers, and private pilots all come together to celebrate aviation.   

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NMPW recognizes Air to Ground

The annual New Mexico Communication Contest recognizes excellence in print, broadcast, electronic or Internet media, photography, marketing, public relations, graphic arts and journalism in New Mexico. Contest winners are announced in spring and awards are presented at New Mexico Press Women’s annual banquet.

The 2018 New Mexico Press Women’s Communications contest awards have been announced. 

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Air to Ground now an E-Book!

If you’ve been thinking you’d like to access all the information Rose Marie has gathered, but really didn’t want a physical book – you’re in luck!  Air to Ground is now available at as a Kindle e-book.  The cost of the e-book through their website is $5.99. 

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Please Leave an Amazon Review!

Many who read my posts have purchased books either at an event, on this website or through Amazon.  I would like to request that if you ordered through Amazon, please take a few minutes to go back to the order page and leave a review – good or bad –

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