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Painless Pilot Briefing


Painless Pilot Weather Briefing

(Or how to Help Flight Service Brief You)


 In air traffic it is a joke that an Air Traffic Controller tells pilots where to go. But a Flight Service Specialist tells pilots where NOT to go,

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Reading NOTAMs

Reading NOTAMs

Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) are snippets of information, temporary in nature, that alert pilots to changes in the normal conditions of airports, airspace, procedures, equipment, or anything else related to aviation and safety of flight.

Some of these changes – ones that are known about months in advance – are published in the NOTICES TO AIRMEN PUBLICATION (NTAP).

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Air to Ground Available!

A2G book cover v7

Rose’s long awaited book, Air to Ground is now available both on this website and on Amazon.  It has been endorsed by Fly Low Magazine and Plane and Pilot News!

So grab a tail dragger and fly over to the book order page for your copy!

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Don’t Let ICAO Sneak Up On You!

For years now the FAA has been moving towards changing all flight plans, both VFR and IFR filed within the U.S. border to ICAO. A few years ago ICAO Flight Plans were required for IFR flights requesting RVSM handling, then it was required of all aircraft crossing the ADIZ. As of the end of January 2017,

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Rewriting Aviation Weather


Greetings and Happy Holidays to all!

For those of you with more than a passing interest in the weather side of aviation, I thought I would point out that the National Weather Service has just updated the AC 00-45 (Aviation Weather Service order) to version H. This version is significantly different than its predecessor.

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EAA Young Eagles get 10%


For years now I have worked to promote aviation to young people.  I’ve gone to school career days, gotten kids involved with the Civil Air Patrol and even taken my nephews up for their first introductory flights when they turned 13.  One of them went on to getyoung-eagles-logo his pilot’s license and fly for the marine corps.

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ERAU ATC History Presentation

Air Traffic Control will celebrate 100 years of service in 2020.  The history of its evolution over that time is the subject of a presentation I erau-1made for Embry Riddle University’s History of Aviation Program at their Prescott, AZ campus.  The presentation drew a full house including students, pilots and many from the local community.

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Request To the Aviation Community

cropped-Rainbow-Biplane.jpgGreetings all!

Many of you know that I give presentations on many aspects of aviation and enjoy spending time with my pilot friends.  I am collecting stories from controllers, flight service specialists, pilots and anyone who has interacted with ATC for many years.  These stories will serve as the basis for a book I am writing on the history of Air Traffic Control.  

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