Aviation Series at Univ. of New Mexico

Rose Marie will be presenting a series of presentations for the University of New Mexico’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute during the summer of 2020.  The first three focus on the past through the future of Air Traffic Control and the National Airspace System.

Wednesday, June 10   University of New Mexico Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. 1pm.  Lecture: The History of Air Traffic Control.

How and why did the government determine that aviation in America needed oversight?  What events prompted them to create a system to support pilots and stimulate the creation and regulation of services we take for granted today?   This lecture begins with actions taken during World War I, and follows the creation of Flight Service, Towers, Approach Controls and Enroute Centers.

Wednesday, June 24   University of New Mexico Osher Lifelong Learning Institute 9:30am. Lecture:  The National Airspace System.

The average American has heard of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and has seen towers rising gracefully above an airport, but there is so much more!   This lecture discusses all the elements of our National Airspace System including Air Traffic Control,  aviation weather, regulatory agencies, flight restrictions, airport management and much more.  Learn about what is happening around you as you fly!

Wednesday, July 8th  University of New Mexico Osher Lifelong Learning Institute 9:30am. Lecture:  The Future of Air Traffic Control.

As of 2020 a new system of Air Traffic Control became fully operational.  The FAA’s NexGen system is a game changer based on satellite rather than RADAR surveillance systems.  Many procedures formerly done by people are now automated, more are being instituted.  What does this mean to you?

All three lectures will be listed in the University of New Mexico’s Osher summer catalog.   More Information.