Rose Takes to the Great Lakes States!


Rose Takes to the Great Lakes States!

Mid May saw Rose Marie traveling to meet up with a couple of pilot groups in the Great Lakes area of the country during her tour promoting her book “Air to Ground”.   Her extensive knowledge of ATC and aviation weather offers pilots a plethora of information upon which to draw.

Ohio The East Central Ohio Pilot’s Association (ECOPA) invited Rose Marie to give a FAAst certified seminar on May 20th.  Her travel fees to Portage OH were arranged by Plane and Pilot News  Editors Tim and Beverly Hartong.   Tim and fellow pilot, CFII Steve Smith, flew the paper’s Cessna Skyhawk to pick her up from Indianapolis where she has been visiting. Rose Marie spoke on three topics – How to Easily File an ICAO Domestic VFR Flight Plan, Using the PilotWeb site for Self-briefing, and How to Give a Useful Pilot Report.  Though attendance was down due to bad weather, about 50 members were able to make the trip.


CFII Steve Smith made the comment “I wish I had a tenth of the knowledge stuck in her head!” Rose had an opportunity to observe Steve’s IFR teaching methods during her flight.  “He has a very calm way of delivering instruction.  He sees everything the student does and delivers reminders in a way that instills confidence without rattling the student at critical times.
“The whole experience with ECOPA was delightful.  This is a welcoming group whose members fly a diversity of aircraft types and are willing to share their knowledge with each other freely.”  Rose continued, “I was excited to see one member of the group (Russ Otto) receive the Wright Brothers Award given by the local FSDO inspector.


After her presentation and a BBQ lunch, Rose Marie was flown back to Greenwood airport (HFY) south of Indianapolis by Tim and CFII Lou Gliozzi (above left) in another member’s Piper Navajo.  Lou put Rose in the right seat where she could observe the new Garmin ADS-B and other instruments.  They dodged a few cumulonimbus, but overall it was a very smooth flight.


On May 18th she gave a presentation on “Summer Flying Tips” for EAA Chapter 113 based at Mettetal Airport in Plymouth-Canton, Michigan.  Joe Kirik, President of the chapter, had everything arranged.  Their comfortable meeting space close in to town boasts dozens of photographs of the members aircraft on the wall, a kitchenette, computer driven projectors and excellent access.

Chapter member Bob Trumpolt and his wife, Nancy hosted Rose’s visit.  Bob is a former Air Traffic Controller and retired TWA pilot.

“Bob is a man with an amazing history – and I am the lucky recipient of his memoirs.” Rose explained.  “He knows I am compiling information for a book on ATC history and he has been flying since 1950 – so I am being gifted with an incredible collection of very detailed observations about how the Air Traffic System has evolved and with some great personal stories from his time as a pilot.”

As well as sharing her information with the pilot’s, they also passed along their observations of weather and border crossing information in relation to the Great Lakes and Canada.

4/11/17  PRC EAA Welcomes a View of the Future

Rose Marie joined EAA Chapter 658 at Prescott’s Ernest A. Love field for their monthly meeting.  She gave a presentation on the Future of Air Traffic Control and is seen here autographing her book Air to Ground for a member.