“Stress” Book Reviewed by Fly-Low

Fly-Low Magazine book review gives “Stress is Relative” high praise.

It has been my pleasure to write for Fly-Low magazine for the past ten years and this month (July Issue) the editor of Fly-Low magazine did me the honor of reviewing my latest book.   The editor/publisher of Fly-Low, Ralph McCormick is a pilot who knows what other pilots want to hear about.  Fly-Low focuses on the needs of general aviation pilots covering topics from air races and events to mechanical and legal issues.

In his review he noted the details and miniscule workings of ATC pilots never see.  Since the book begins during the rebuilding of the ATC workforce after President Reagan fired most of the nation’s controllers, he felt it would make a great movie.  I remember feeling the same way while going through the Air Traffic Control academy.  Just walking through a parking lot where cars sported license plates from every state in the nation made me realize how big the world I was about to enter really was.

Fly-Low is available in the FBO’s at many airports across the country.  You can read the past issues online, or score your own subscription on their website.  Here is a link to the Stress is Relative Book Review