Award Winning Fiction Writer

Besides her work in aviation, Rose is known for creating fanciful mysteries, poetry and children’s stories.   Below are a few of her stories and information on where you can find more!


Jet Lag

The last thing Lena expected to encounter on her way home from the convention was murder.

Lena did not consider herself to be an exciting person. Though she loved to read mysteries and detective stories, they touched her for only a few precious moments before she returned to her desk, computer, and the never-ending mountain of paper work.

The Certified Public Accountant’s conference highlighted her year, and she always stayed behind to help clean up. “That’s me,” she thought. “Reliable and competent, but hardly exciting.”

Staring off into space from an uncomfortable little seat, she would never have noticed the tall dark-haired man coming from the skyway had he not lifted a sheet of paper to cover his face. She wondered why he would do that.

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1st place winner: 2020 SouthWest Writers Contest- Philosophy category

Jeremy’s Journey

Jeremy fluttered his wings and launched upward from the pine bough where he had spent the night.  Small and brown, Jeremy was not very remarkable in the bird world.  He was quick enough to escape the claws of pigeons who thought he would make a good dinner and he was good at finding small bugs and worms as he peered between blades of grass.

Jeremy liked to sit on telephone wires and chirp with the other birds.  He enjoyed singing and flying through bright sunny afternoon.  He twittered as the dogs in the yard beneath would bark at him.  How stupid they were!  Jeremy did not like was wind and rain.  On days when the sun was hiding behind the rain clouds, Jeremy and the other small birds tried to find a place where they could hide.  His feathers were not made to cast off the water, so he would shake himself, then huddle close to a tree trunk or under the roof of a house.

The worst came when the winds grew cold.  Jeremy went to find food, but most of the bugs and worms were hidden underground.  The berries were all gone from the bushes and the seeds on the ground were hard to find.   He had to fly out of his shelter to eat, but as soon as he could he would go back to perch beneath the eaves of a large old house.  He would fluff up his feathers so that he could stay a little warmer and bury his beak under his wing.

In the winter time, Jeremy could see into the windows of the houses.  He saw the dogs as they played with the humans.  The humans always had food and water set down for the dogs and they were always warm.

Jeremy thought to himself.  “I wish that I was a dog.  I wish I was warm and never had to worry about finding food.”  Jeremy shivered as an icy breeze cut up under the eaves of the garage where he was sheltered.

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An Abundance of Empathy

“Six!” Roland threw back his head laughing and spun his wheelchair around to stare at his roommate.  “You’re up to Six?!”

“Yeah….” Kevin replied miserably. “Marybelle was so lonely and her cat had been killed by a car….when she said she needed me and thought we should marry…I just couldn’t say no.” He stared upward. “You should have seen her face light up – she was almost pretty.”

“So you now have six fiancée’s, all of whom think that as soon as you graduate from college next spring they will become June Brides.” Roland continued chuckling as he wheeled over to where Kevin sat on the edge of the bed.

Roommates since the first semester, Roland had been there as each new girl entered Kevin’s life. He gazed thoughtfully at his friend.  Kevin was squarely built and not tall. His dark wavy hair and mustache already showed a few grey hairs though he was barely twenty-four. Endowed with a modest income from a small inheritance, Kevin could live conservatively and not worry about needing a job, which explained why he chose to major in philosophy, and minor in music.

People liked Kevin immediately, but most peculiar was the way he always seemed to be able to help people feel better about themselves. He had the rare ability to make any woman – old, young, tall, thin, fat or ugly…feel as though they were each a rare and desirable jewel. As a result, they all wanted to marry him – and he couldn’t refuse them because it hurt him to hurt their feelings.

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