Pageant in the Air

  There’s pressure, and an upward surge

as we pulled free from earth.

Enwrapped in gray we climbed through rain

Enshrouding Dallas-Fort Worth.


At thirty thousand we topped the deck

and ‘lo what did I see?

A kaleidoscope of figures made

up of clouds ’round me!


A cowboy on a dragon raced a

mermaid on a whale.

The winged pig soared sideways

as a turkey fanned his tail.


A huddled gnome sat and stared

as our Boeing passed him by

Is it my imagination or was that

a twinkle in his eye?


Kubla Khan towers mightily

above his fluffy horde,

a camel kneels behind him

lonely and ignored.


The lesser creatures perked up a bit

as through the port I peered.

The walrus sunning on the beach,

the dog with hairy ears.


A sea anemone gracefully danced

its trailing tentacles roved

A frog garumped, then land appeared

as through the deck we dove.


Once on the ground I looked above

to the clouds so fair,

But all I saw were fragments of

the pageant in the air.