Calendar of Presentations and Book Signings


Rose is taking requests for presentations in the 2022 fall/winter time period.  She usually takes on up to 4 presentations per year.  If your organization is interested in having Rose as a speaker please contact her at

For a list of topics she has presented and can offer, go to her Presentations Page.


2022 Scheduled Events

Solar Fiesta!

June 24, 2022   10am to 3pm  on the University of New Mexico Campus
Organized by the New Mexico Solar Energy Association as an adjuct of the American Solar Energy Society’s Annual Conference,  this one day event features presentations and demonstrations on many aspects of solar and sustainable living.   Rose Kern from Solar Ranch in association with Luther Kreiger from the Big Blue Museum of Solar Cooking will hold  cooking demonstrations all day with over a dozen different kinds of solar cookers including the mammoth Solar Villager.

  • August 13, 2022    SouthWest Writers – a 2 hour workshop on Publishing an Ebook on KDP Amazon       12:30pm-2:30pm University of New Mexico Continuing Education Center.  For more information click here.
  • September 16, 2022 –  Pros & Cons of Self Publishing NATIONAL LEAGUE OF AMERICAN PEN WOMEN, – Yucca Chapter-New Mexico
  • October 13-27, 2022   SouthWest Writers – 3 week class – Self-Publishing – an indepth training course.   ThursdaysFor more information Click here. 

Past Events

June 2, 2022 – Millicent Rogers Museum – Unplugged Virtual Event :   From the Ground Up:  Seeds to Solar Ovens is the focus of an online discussion sponsored by the Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos, NM.  The panel features experts in gardening and solar cooking including our own Rose Marie Kern.

SouthWest Writers Workshop – Finding Your Niche Markets     January  8, 2022  12:30pm-2:30pm University of New Mexico Continuing Education Center.  This 2 hours workshop helps aspiring authors discover avenues for publication where readers are hungry for the the knowledge they’ve accumulated throughout their lives.   Rose provides a common sense approach to finding your own niches.   Click here for access to Rose’s presentation materials 


2021 Events

October 7-21, 2021 – 3 week Class on Creating Book Covers From Art to Finish sponsored by the SouthWest Writers.  Thursdays from 3 to 6pm MDT taught via Zoom.  Click here for more information.

Saturday, December 4, 2021 – 12:30pm-2:30pm – Workshop on Copywriting Your Work presented by SouthWest Writers.


 2020 Events

Tuesday, February 2nd – 10:45 am.   AAEMG Presentation on Climates and Microclimates.  Closed to the Albuquerque Area Extension Master Gardeners members only

Tuesday, January 21.  AAEMG Presentation on Climates and Microclimates.  Closed to AAEMG members only.

Saturdays, February 22 and 29.  Presentation on Publishing Your Work.  Class sponsored by the SouthWest Writers.  Open to the public.

NOTE:  Due to Covid-19 The lectures with SWW and UNM’s Osher Institute may be done through their online system. 

Wednesday, June 10   University of New Mexico Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. 1pm.  Lecture: 100 Years of Air Traffic Control.   More Information.

*Students can access the presentation information HERE.100 years of ATC 6-9-20

Wednesday, June 24   University of New Mexico Osher Lifelong Learning Institute 9:30am. Lecture:  The National Airspace System. More Information.

Wednesday, July 8th  University of New Mexico Osher Lifelong Learning Institute 9:30am. Lecture:  The Future of Air Traffic Control. More Information. 

2019 Past Presentations

Thursday Sept. 12 thru Sunday Sept 15 – SWW and MWSA Writer’s Conference.  Albuquerque, NM.  The SouthWest Writers are teaming up with the Military Writers Society of America to offer a writing conference.  Rose spoke on topics related to writing and working with military pilots.

Saturday, April 13th  University of New Mexico Writer’s Conference   Location:  Albuquerque, New Mexico  Rose discussed the advantages of joining a writer’s group and learning from those who are successful. 

Tuesday, April 23rd      AAEMG Presentation   Location:  Albuquerque Garden Center    Giving a presentation on Climates and Microclimates

Saturday, April 27th  New Mexico Press Women’s Annual Conference  Location:  Santa Fe, New Mexico

Wednesday, May 8th  6:30pm   Book Launch for “KiMo Theatre: Fact & Folklore”  

Tuesday, May 21st – SouthWest Writers Albuquerque, NM.  Presentation on how to Copyright Your Book.  Click Here for a .pdf of her presentation.  

Friday, June 28th – New Mexico Book Coop.  Presentation on working with others to improve your craft.

2018- past presentations

March 22 thru 24 – Women in Aviation International Annual Conference  Reno, NV   Author’s Corner  and guest speaker for the Girls In Aviation Day event  Topic: Air Traffic Control as a career choice.

April 24 – Military Officers Association of America Location:  Albuquerque –  Overview of Air Traffic Control Today

August 25 – Land of Enchantment Fly-In  Double Eagle Airport – Albuquerque, New Mexico

October 16, 2018 SouthWest Writers Association – Topic  Cut it Out!  Presentation on Editing for Writers.

EAA Chapter 555 – Las Cruces, NM (LRU)  November 17  9:30am
Contact: 575-541-1198    Wes Baker |
Location: EAA 555 Hangar      610 Wingspan Dr     Las Cruces, NM 88005


Presentations made in 2017

March 21, 2017    Embry Riddle University   Topic:  Overview of the National Airspace System (NAS)
April 11th    Prescott, AZ EAA Chapter  658    Topic:  The Future of  Air Traffic Control
May 11    New Mexico Airport Managers Association Topic: Notices to Airmen, Runway FICONs, RCAM and ENII
May 18    Detroit EAA Chapter 113 Topic:  Safe Summer Flying Tips
May 20    East Central Ohio Pilots Association (ECOPA)
Topic:   FAAST seminar. Topics include using the PilotWeb for self briefing, pilot reports and filing domestic ICAO flight plans.
June 9   Double Eagle Aviation Adventure for Teens 14-17 Topic:  Aviation Weather 101 and filing flight plans
June  20    Albuquerque, NM  EAA Chapter  179    Topic:  Graphical Area Forecasts
June  26    Edgewood, NM  EAA Chapter 1306   Topic:  The New ICAO Flight Plan requirements
July 1    1-4pm     Colorado Pilot’s Association    Topic:  The Future of ATC and Domestic ICAO Flight Plans
July 24-30   EAA AirVenture   Topic:  History of Air Traffic Control Saturday, July 29       Location: Aviation History Museum Vette Theater
August 26     Land of Enchantment Fly In   Topic: Future of Air Traffic Control
October 30    EAA1306 – Edgewood, NM.  Topic Future of ATC
December 7, 2017 – New Mexico Aviation History AssnTopic:  History of Air Traffic Control