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erau-7Rose Marie Kern entered the Air Traffic Control Academy in 1983. Since that time she has worked in the ARTCC, Tower and Flight Service options. Rose began writing articles about all facets of Air Traffic Control in 2004.

A member of the EAA, AOPA, Women in Aviation International and the NM Pilot’s Association, Rose is a popular speaker for aviation events. She has received three national awards and several regional ones for her work with pilots, aviation industry engineers, and flight service quality assurance.

For the last eleven years Rose has written articles for pilots about Air Traffic Control, Aviation Weather, ATC History and other components of the National Airspace System.  She currently writes monthly columns in 7 aviation publications and does occasional pieces for others listed on her Affiliates page.  Her book, Air to Ground 2020, is an anthology of those articles and includes valuable information on the changes to ATC with primary surveillance changing from RADAR to satellite.

Her most current book, Stress is Relative, is a memoir about what it was like for a single mother to enter the world of ATC while it was in the process of rebuilding, after 15,000 controllers were fired in 1981.  It is both a history of the FAA’s actions and a reflection of how the job and the role of women in Air Traffic changed over time.


Greetings from Rose Marie


Greetings all!

Many of you know me from the articles I have written over the last 10 years for such magazines as Fly-Low, IFR Refresher, Plane and Pilot News, the Atlantic Flyer, the FAA Intercom and AOPA Pilot.  The National Airspace System and particularly Air Traffic Control can sometimes be confusing.  I am here to help you understand some of the things the FAA handbooks do not explain well.

In my books you see information about Air Traffic Control, aviation weather, TFR’s, NOTAMs and upcoming changes to FAA rules and equipment.   Both pilots and magazine editors have suggested that the information I provide would be great if it was combined for easy reference which was the inspiration for my books.

My book,  Air to Ground 2020, (see at bottom) is available online and in some bookstores.  You will find the information timely and interesting for both experienced pilots and especially for students who have not yet learned how to read the “governmentese” seen in FAA publications.

—Rose Marie Kern


Stress is Relative

When a young, divorced mother of two just trying to make ends meet sees a report on the evening news about how the FAA is rebuilding the Air Traffic Control workforce after the infamous strike of 1981, something grabbed her and set her on a path that forever changed her life.

Receiver of three national awards for her work in the field, Rose Marie Kern’s memoir highlights the ups and downs of a 34 year career where she worked within all branches of ATC and developed deep friendships within the general aviation community.  It follows her adventures beginning with the Air Traffic Control Academy through those during turbulent times as the Federal Aviation Administration rebuilt its controller workforce.  Along the way the reader catches a glimpse into how the perception of women in the job has evolved over the last three decades.

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Air to Ground 2020

2020 sees the culmination of two decades planning and implementation of new computer systems, procedures and an air traffic surveillance system that is now satellite based with RADAR as backup.  Air to Ground 2020 highlights the new changes and offers an easy read full of information on the FAA, Air Traffic Control, TFR’s, NOTAMs and much more!

Many pilots have commented that it would be great to have all her insights together in one place – so here it is!  A great overview for all pilots and particularly for student pilots or those who just want to know more about the National Airspace System.   Click HERE for more extensive information including a full table of contents.

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