ATC Flight Service

Flight Service coming up on 100 year Anniversary!

In 1920 the first Airways Radio Station (ARS) opened in Pennsylvania.  Although renamed several times over the century of its existence, the core responsibility of providing service to the aviation community still drives its existence.   In honor of the special relationship shared by pilots and the Air Traffic Control Flight Service specialists over the decades, Rose is writing a history highlighting both the official job functions and the camraderie which sprang up and inspired these government employees to go beyond the written responsibilities.

Pilots and Flight Service Specialists past and present are encouraged to send their story memories.  Please include the year and which Flight Service Station was involved.  Here are some memory joggers:

Search and Rescue                    Helping out with Problems             DF Steers
Preflight Briefings                     Inflight Contacts                                Lost Aircraft Orientation

Please send your stories to Rose at: