Future of General Aviation

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One of the biggest concerns of pilots across the country right now is the slow decline of General Aviation. The average age of pilots across the nation is now about 49 years old. Has the magic gone out of flying?    Anyone who has experienced the exhilaration of Oshkosh Air Venture would not think so, but the numbers nationwide paint a sad future. So why is this happening? A lot of reasons come to mind – the biggest one of which is simply that there are so many different ways that people can spend their money for personal thrills now. People […]

Modernization vs Privatization? How are they connected?

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Modernization versus Privatization During AirVenture there was a lot of talk about how ATC should not be privatized and their theme was “Modernization Not Privatization”.  To me, and a lot of pilots I spoke with, the combination of the two elements was confusing.  The reality is that Modernizing the Air Traffic System has NOTHING to do with Privatizing ATC, and many people have no idea what “privatizing” even involves.   Having lived through the privatization of Flight Service, I do have some insights to pass along.  I am neutral on whether privatization takes place or not, but I am very frustrated […]

The Total OSHKOSH Experience

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  Rose Marie’s Oshkosh Experience! Hey everybody!   I had a great time at AirVenture this year.  I gave a presentation on the History of Air Traffic Control and did 5 book signings during the event.   If you scroll down you’ll see my blog about what went on this week – a complete blow by blow of the personal experiences of a senior citizen/ex-ATC Specialist/woman galloping through a week of insanity.  Scroll down for a Day by Day Look at One Woman’s Oshkosh Experience – Modified Daily! Saturday July 22 (Opening Day minus 2) I am in the final stages of preparing […]

North to the Mile High City

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On July 1st I had the pleasure of speaking to the Colorado Pilot’s Association at Front Range Airport east of Denver.  Michael Koscielniak, the Safety coordinator of the group arranged for me to give a FAAST Wings Credit Seminar.  The topics were “Filing ICAO Flight Plans” and the “Future of Air Traffic Control”.  Both very timely topics. In addition to CPA members, the local Civil Air Patrol was represented.  Front Range Airport is beautifully set up for general aviation.  The main terminal has a dynamite restaurant and there are several large meeting space available on the grounds.   It is conveniently located close […]

Rose Takes to the Great Lakes States!

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  Rose Takes to the Great Lakes States! Mid May saw Rose Marie traveling to meet up with a couple of pilot groups in the Great Lakes area of the country during her tour promoting her book “Air to Ground”.   Her extensive knowledge of ATC and aviation weather offers pilots a plethora of information upon which to draw. Ohio The East Central Ohio Pilot’s Association (ECOPA) invited Rose Marie to give a FAAst certified seminar on May 20th.  Her travel fees to Portage OH were arranged by Plane and Pilot News  Editors Tim and Beverly Hartong.   Tim and fellow pilot, CFII […]

Please Leave an Amazon Review!

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Many who read my posts have purchased books either at an event, on this website or through Amazon.  I would like to request that if you ordered through Amazon, please take a few minutes to go back to the order page and leave a review – good or bad – please let everyone know what you think. Of course, I prefer good reviews, but the feedback is important. If you’ve gotten a book on this website or at an event – send me an email!  I want to know what you think. Thanks! Rose Marie Kern

Regional Pilot Attitudes

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I have worked as an air traffic controller and pilot briefer in most parts of the continental United States and each area has its charms and its challenges.  There are truisms about the pilots who fly small private aircraft in each area, for instance, in the southwestern part of the country pilots just plain will not fly if there is any kind of low to medium cloud deck.  They are accustomed to bright clear skies…maybe some scattered cirrus.  In the late summer they do have thunderstorms to dodge, but the monsoonal storms are always very high based and not terribly […]

I Want This Job!

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  I was helping someone file a flight plan the other day and the pilot said he wanted to go here.  Here?  No, HEERE.  That struck me funny for some reason – pilot’s flying HEERE or THERE.  So I casually started looking at fixes used in flight plans and noticed that some names of waypoints, or intersections, seemed very….appropriate to the area the pilot was flying into. Somebody at the FAA has a great sense of humor – whoever devises the 5 letter identifiers of the nation’s waypoints.  For instance in New England there are four waypoints:  ITAWT ITAWA PUTTY TTATT.  I’m guessing our mystery government […]