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a2g-book-cover-v7Air to Ground

Here you have an easy read full of information on the FAA, Air Traffic Control, Aviation Weather, TFR’s, NOTAMs and much more!  Many pilots have commented that it would be great to have all her insights together in one place – so here it is!  A great overview for all pilots and particularly for student pilots or those who just want to know more about the National Airspace System.   Click HERE for more extensive information including a full table of contents.

Autographed First Editions of Air to Ground  are available on this website.   So grab a tail dragger and fly on over to the order page!   order-button

Donna Air_to_Gr

Stress is Relative

Coming Soon!  A Memoir of a young mother facing the challenges of a career in Air Traffic Control when the FAA was rebuilding its workforce after the strike of 1981.   Book to be released in 2017.   Click here for preview.