Presentation Topics

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Rose Marie has given presentations both individually and on behalf of the FAA and Lockheed Martin to all kinds of aviation organizations and educational groups, including Embry Riddle University, the Albuquerque Aerostat Association, The New Mexico Airport Managers Association, the FAA Safety Team (FAAST), the Southwest Aviation Weather Conference and many pilot organizations.    See the Calendar Page for a list of her 2017 events.

Here are some of the presentations she has available – though she is open to suggestions as well!  If your group would like to have her speak, you can contact her at

Presentation Topics 

*Indicates topic is eligible for WINGs Credits

(about 45 min each unless otherwise marked)

Pilots and Student Pilots

♦The National Airspace System Overview*
♦Safe Summer Flying Tips*
♦Using the PilotWeb to file flight plans and get briefings.*
♦NWS Forecast Weather products and the new Graphical Area Forecasts*
♦The Future of ATC and Flight Service*
♦Aviation Weather 101*
♦Clearances – Including IFR Pop-ups, SVFR, and VFR On Top*
♦The History of Air Traffic Control  (1 hour and 40 minutes)
♦ICAO Flight Plans*
♦VFR Search and Rescue/Declaring an Emergency*
♦TFRs and STMPs*
♦Finding and interpreting NOTAMs (AIRSPACE, GPS, etc…)*
♦Microclimates  (for air racers and balloonists)*
♦Funding from Fly-Ins!    Fundraising Event Management 
♦Careers in Air Traffic Control
♦Telling Pilots Where to Go – One Woman’s Memoir of Working in ATC

Airport Managers

♦Registering for and Using EN2
♦The Ever Changing NOTAM system Q&A
♦Finding and Understanding FAA Publications