Comment on Changing FSS

Your last article about how the Flight Service is changing was interesting.  Once in the late-1970s I was flying my 1967 C-172 from San Antonio, TX where I was stationed to the Forest Service dirt strip high in the mountains near Catron County-Glenwood to use for slurry bombers (not the current one as this strip was higher up the mountain).  I stopped at Deming and visited the FSS there to get info on the strip (they had a file on it and its current conditions) and get info on the best way to get in and out of there.  Today that service is no longer available (and perhaps no longer wanted).  I think in many ways as technology does make things better (when I started writing in the mid-1060s, it was by type writer and copious usage of White-Out, sent to editors via regular mail…today word-processing and email), but it also makes things worse.

-Bob Worthington

A retired US Army Lt Col, Bob served fifteen years in Infantry and Special Operations in the USMC and Army with three combat tours in the Middle East and Vietnam; and then ten years as a clinical psychologist as the Psychology Consultant for the US Army Health Services Command. He has the Army Combat Infantry Badge and the USMC Combat Action Ribbon. His decorations include the Legion of Merit, seven medals for valor, the Purple Heart, and the Air Medal.  He has a BA degree, two Masters degrees, and a PhD. He is a retired Journalism Professor from New Mexico State University. As an instrument rated pilot he has 6,800 flight hours and owns a Cessna 182 RG