On Air to Ground

I just got a copy of Air to Ground and I’m about halfway through the book – it’s fantastic! I wish I had read Air to Ground when I first began flying in controlled airspace – it gives great insight into what’s going on behind the curtain at ATC and highlights some of the mistakes we pilots inadvertently make when dealing with the FAA, Flight Service, weather services, and the controllers. The book is informational in a straightforward way, but also is filled with great actual examples and plenty of humorous anecdotes. It would make a good supplemental text for a Private Pilot course. Understanding Air Traffic Control from the controller’s viewpoint could really help newer pilots, who typically suffer some anxiety while getting familiar with airspace and communications, but it is also important for the more-experienced pilots who want to improve their flying and make life in controlled airspace more professional and enjoyable. Thanks to Rose Marie Kern for continuing to educate the pilot community and for putting many years of experience into this great book!

Chris Grotbeck