Fly Low Magazine Editor, Ralph McCormick

Many years ago, I received an email from a reader who suggested I contact a writer to see if she would be interested in writing for my publication.  Believe it or not, I get lots of that request, but this one seemed different.  The guy was familiar with her work; spoke highly of her.  From past experience, I knew that all writers are not created equal; therefore, I was skeptical about contacting her. The reader was very averring that I should contact her.  Thus, I did!

 That was eight years ago, I contacted Rose Marie Kern via email.  We corresponded a few emails, a document was sent to me for review and it looked good.  Her credentials appears very good, the work place of which she was familiar was right down FLY-LOW’s “alley”; to bring knowledge from FAA to our readers in a personal way.  This is what Rose achieves and she does it very well; turning the tough, hard balled, sometimes (mostly often) confusing FAA information in to “pilot speak.” 

 fly-low-coverAs our years of working together mounted, it was easy to see that her talent was infinite and the readers loved her.  We receive much e-mail requesting more from her and much adulations for her prose.  There is no doubt that Rose can disperse words from the FAA in a manner which pilot’s do understand.  It is important to realize that there is a vast abyss between the FAA Regs and the average pilot.  What we have through Rose is the catalyst with which to convert and provide a bridge between the FAA regs and pilots.  She does it with such class and explicit common sense. 

 I believe that it was my good fortune to have Rose providing articles for my publication.  So much has changed over the past thirty years.  When I first started flying, Flight Service Stations were on airports, often maintaining the Unicom frequency.  Upon landing, we could just walk into the office for a “complete personal” briefing.  Today, FSS is no longer located at airports in individual states.  They are located in somewhere in America with radar, maps, and info about all states.  Basically, it is a lot more impersonal and the briefer may not be as aware of your state as they were they were in the “old” days.  Rose’s many years with the FAA has provided her with the capability to share to readers her experiences. 

 What we find in many of Rose’s columns is a bit of humor from pilots and FAA staff.  The truth can be far more humorous than fiction.  Sometime ago, I suggested that she compose a book from the monthly articles along with articles from her archives.  The contemplation was on her mind and now we have her words in book format for all of us to enjoy and learn.

Ralph McCormick, Managing Editor

Fly Low Magazine